Get Stocked!

When I first discussed this experiment with my long suffering lecturers the idea was small, manageable even. Maybe an event at my house, find a few friends with not so well known plus ones to give me ‘kind of’ objective feedback, maybe some classy canapes (was thinking cheese and pineapple sticks and mini-sausage rolls, let […]

The Eve Collective

To say that I have been running about in a state of brain melting confused panic since last we spoke would be an understatement. While you are all going about your regular business, I have been trying to change the world, one insurmountable task at a time.   It’s gone like this:   All fired […]

Fashion tales and epic fails. Styling it out!

Having thoroughly enjoyed my eureka moment, and believing for 7.3 seconds that I have discovered the best thing since cat’s eyes (which, btw kicks the ass of sliced bread in the all-time death match of great inventions), shit got real!   I’ve got to turn my concept into an actual collection. My Protest project was […]

Innovative fashion – the pain and the process

Ever wondered how this creative thing works? Here’s an insight to the Convert Collection from start to grand finale! Concept: Modular Clothing What I do: Few rubbish sketches on scraps of paper, which I carry around in random pockets, car doors and handbags, occasionally one finds an alternative use when retrieved as a snot receptacle when […]

The theory of good

I interrupt our forecast programming, and scheduled ramblings about my convertible collection to invite you on an adventure with me.   So a little while ago I was watching ‘The Good Place’, which is a marginally entertaining Netflix series starring Kristen Bell. Trying really hard here not to give away important plot points, but, there’s […]

The Modular Hoody – Designs with sustainability in mind

Hi there. Remember me? It has been a while….I won’t bother with lame-ass excuses, I’ve been rubbish. But hey, I’m here now, better late than never and all that.   So I have been working really hard to get super good grades at University, mustering a disappointing, but deserved 2.1. My latest project is the […]

Brand: a modern fairytale

To quote myself, on a recent FB rant: There are no ethics in branding. Branding is story telling designed to promote loyalty in consumers. Replace God with your chosen logo and you’re free to worship whatever bullshit brand fairytale you fancy. Brand ID is more important than product/design/innovation/practice, that’s why corporations only act when news threatens […]

Cheap Chic

Being a student/mum/fashionhoardinaire, means that my finances are often more threadbare than an Oliver Twist musical. I have collected a tonne of beautiful things over the past 20 years, and thanks to commandeering space in the attic, a negotiated percentage of my daughter’s wardrobe, and a decent sized dressing room (credit to Ikea for storage […]

Casual style for the un-casual woman

Under no circumstances do I consider myself a purveyor of inimitable style, but, as a person that wears the hell out of a lot of nice threads, I thought posting pics of my less than perfect self, rocking my weird and wonderful concoctions, might just help me work it out. So believe me when I […]

Style muse

  So I blog, and I force my husband into a special kind of slavery, by forcing him to take thousands of photos of me in my clobber, ruining otherwise perfectly happy dates/family days out and or any other kind of family activity. This doesn’t mean I really know what I’m doing when it comes […]