Brand: a modern fairytale

To quote myself, on a recent FB rant: There are no ethics in branding. Branding is story telling designed to promote loyalty in consumers. Replace God with your chosen logo and you’re free to worship whatever bullshit brand fairytale you fancy. Brand ID is more important than product/design/innovation/practice, that’s why corporations only act when news threatens […]

Cheap Chic

Being a student/mum/fashionhoardinaire, means that my finances are often more threadbare than an Oliver Twist musical. I have collected a tonne of beautiful things over the past 20 years, and thanks to commandeering space in the attic, a negotiated percentage of my daughter’s wardrobe, and a decent sized dressing room (credit to Ikea for storage […]

Casual style for the un-casual woman

Under no circumstances do I consider myself a purveyor of inimitable style, but, as a person that wears the hell out of a lot of nice threads, I thought posting pics of my less than perfect self, rocking my weird and wonderful concoctions, might just help me work it out. So believe me when I […]

Style muse

  So I blog, and I force my husband into a special kind of slavery, by forcing him to take thousands of photos of me in my clobber, ruining otherwise perfectly happy dates/family days out and or any other kind of family activity. This doesn’t mean I really know what I’m doing when it comes […]

Warrior Launch

Ok, so the canapes, fizz and cocktail dresses was probably an overshoot in terms of the launch of the Warrior dress, so, we’ll just go with some new photos and a short blog.     This stunning oversized jersey, off or on-shoulder slogan sweater dress can be yours for a mere £80 with an additional […]

The design dilemma

I am currently researching the potential for sale of a limited run of warrior jumpers. This will be a test of my limited business skills, hopefully provide some brand development, and also be a market test for my products. I’m hoping that the popularity of this design makes it the perfect place to start this […]

Realising the Warrior

  OK, so I fancy myself as a sustainable designer. I genuinely want to make a positive contribution to fashion, not the usual consumerist crap, but designs which have a positive impact on the wearer and the world. ‘Aim big’ they said!   Contrary to popular belief clothes are not made by elves overnight if […]

The Jersey Apron

  So the point of my entire design project was to develop gender neutral clothing, but also to engineer something which could be worn in a variety of ways, and as each piece is fully reversible, however you wear the garment there are always two colour options.     The jersey apron was perhaps the […]

The protest collection part 2

So, there I was on a journey of gender stereotypes, and looking for a way to empower those that serve, myself included.   I became somewhat fascinated by aprons. I know this sounds rather dull, but, I loved the way that the apron is considered outside of gender, and something we wear to protect ourselves […]

The Protest Collection

So I dragged you along for the first few weeks of my last project, and then abandoned ship to dedicate myself entirely to a severe bout of Deadline-itis (symptoms include, and not limited to: abandonment of mum duties, wearing the same outfit for 4 days, wearing wool in 25 degree heat hiding my granny roots, […]