The Come Back

I would apologise for abandoning my blog for the past few months, but, you know, as I consider myself a bit of a Diva, I think nothing works better for a career than a spot of time in rehab and public avoidance, to keep your audience wanting for more.   I have been sunning myself […]

The Inheritage Collection

So this was a project I produced earlier this year:   Inheritage – the inherited heritage which promotes the entitlement of one or few to power over many.     I’m not a big fan of the monarchy. I don’t so much dislike the little old lady that waves graciously from her carriage and wears […]

Big Yourself

I have the most incredible and diverse selection of friends, some begged, some stolen, some bonded through foreign adventures, some through a pretentious need for intellectual stimulation, some with joint interests, some with utterly random world views. I’m proud of the haphazard selection of buddies in my friends list, the go-to list of thinkers, that […]

Stereotypes Part 2

So I’ve decided that you will join me for the ride that is my creative process. Moving forward from last week’s break the stereotype, I was jubilant. So many people were living outside of the box, and in all my ‘kick ass bitch’ smugness I quickly elevated my friends (by this I mean mostly myself) […]

Fight the Stereotype

  In a flurry of stress and University disorganisation, I embark on a new project today. Stressful, as I’ve been working on a brief for a few months, got a great body of work, and was poised for a calm few months of sorting out the finer details, until I had a tutorial and found […]

Styling Winter out

In the words of Stark ‘Winter is coming’. If you ask me, winter is always about here in the UK. We are a nation of shiverers, there is absolutely no doubt about that. Even on the warmest of Summer days, it’s unlikely you’d be brave enough to leave the house without a giant cardy or […]

Snooze muse

I admit I’m a bit of a snooze-muse! When I start using the word ‘sustainable’ in a conversation, I start noticing a trend response. Largely my audience of sleepy eye rollers are just waiting for me to get off my Clydesdale Equine, and get back to sharing rib tickling anecdotes about getting my hair stuck […]

Size matters

We’ve all been there, that moment in that fluorescent tube lit changing room, in front of a mirror that was made to make you look 50 times larger than you are, hopping about in an inelegant penguin mating dance, trying to force a pair of trousers over your thighs that were promised on the label […]

The Wac-a-mac

Usually I’m lucky enough to just sit in peace at my desk and have a full weeks worth of fashion madness which provokes the muse to bring sparkling wit and unbridled ridicule to my blog. This week I’m flat out of inspo! I sit, bashing away at the keys, like I’m really busy, totally in […]

Styling Motherhood

I mean, this dress is silk satin, has the most incredible psychedelic colour-wheel insulting peacock/animal print, silver chain straps, low back and knicker-line split to the front. I wore this with some silver wedge platform sandals, I’d made it myself, whilst nursing a particularly ill-advised school day hangover, on the only hot day in Summer, […]