Consumer rebellion!

I think rebellion is a natural instinct, for some, it’s a thing that you grow out of as you leave the angst of teens behind and head into the big wide world of becoming a success.


Remember those delicious days of dissent? We fought our parents, against the ideals of the popular kids at school, we found music which pissed off our neighbours, walked the line that frustrated our teachers to distraction and drank as much alcohol as we could to preserve each scrappy moment of it.


For some; me, rebellion courses through your veins indefinitely, and I still suffer from an acute case of aging revolutionary with a cause.


I love that I am not always what is expected from a 42-year-old Mum, I love that there are conventions that are made to be broken, and I relish every moment I dance my way out of the rule book of my middly life. It truly is liberating to feel that you exist outside of the norm. Some days I stride along the village road on the school run feeling utterly invincible in my oddness, safe in the knowledge that I can just make my own rules as I go along.


The rebel yell used to erupt from me in sequins and animal prints, or neon dresses and astronaut boots. I’m not gonna lie, that still happens, but also it gives me an edge when it comes to thinking up how to live differently. It’s the rebel in me that brought The Eve Collective to life. I am always looking at the cracks in our normal, looking for space to make something better fill it up.


Who knew you could channel your ‘anti-social’ into designing social improvements, at least this is what I tell myself in may grandest moments of super ego. All that lone wolf, superior, nonconformist bullshit aside and no matter how bizarre my ipod playlist is ( Die Antwoork, Nicky Minaj, Metallica and Amy Winehouse this morning), eventually you need to share your madness with those swimming with the tide, and try to convince them to join you swimming up creek with no paddle to offer as compensation.


That’s what The Eve Collective was about sharing an idea, seeing what came of it. Fortuitously this project was all about external engagement, so good or bad feedback, my grade would be covered….after all isn’t any PR good PR.


Here’s our customer Lucy, looking amazing in the Milly Kelley Jumpsuit. She loved it so much she wore it through day into the evening. She even left a review.



So I’d like to share some of the feedback I’ve had for The Eve Collective, in the hope that it can inspire confidence in others to follow our progress and inevitably become a part of The Eve Collective.


A small selection from the fantastic collection of photographs and positive feedback we got from the Eve Collective test group. You all look incredible, thank you so much for joining me on this mad adventure.


Lets hope she’s right. I have nothing to add here.


And you know what,  someone liked the idea so much she invited me to speak about the collective, which I’m doing on Wednesday 21st May, 5.30 at Liznojan Books in Tiverton, this is in conjunction with a swishing event. That’s quite exciting. Today Liznojan, tomorrow TED talks. To book your spot check out:



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