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When I first discussed this experiment with my long suffering lecturers the idea was small, manageable even. Maybe an event at my house, find a few friends with not so well known plus ones to give me ‘kind of’ objective feedback, maybe some classy canapes (was thinking cheese and pineapple sticks and mini-sausage rolls, let it not be said that I have unsophisticated tastes), and wrestling wine bottles from my friends on arrival so we’re sensible enough to remember who borrowed what and all make it home safely. I think on further consideration the website was a much better idea.


Then there was stock. This was always going to be a stumbling block, and I argued the toss with my tutor:


‘I can’t just muster a shed load of clothes you know!!!’ Stomps about like a toddler.


‘But you always look great, surely, you could start with some vintage, maybe from your own wardrobe.’ Lecturers tone resembling an MP trying to explain something on Question time to someone that’s fed up with the price of Ketchup.


‘OMG! OMG! OMG! WHAT?!?? I can’t DO IT!’ probably as loudly as it looks.


‘What about your own designs, is any of it wearable? I’m sure it is, you’re a good maker.’ Tutor tries flattery to bring me back from my staunch position on window ledge.


‘Oh, yeah, well, ummm, hang on, I’ve got some on my website.’ Significantly calmed totters back to laptop to show off stuff from (who knew? Flattery totally works).


‘There you go, use these things, these will be fabulous. You can do this!’ There may have been pompons and a rehearsed routine to go with this conclusive sentence from my poor Lecturer before she scurried back to the office as fast as her legs would carry her, I hope, to a secret Gin flask, for her sake!


With that I was alone. In my walk in wardrobe (yes I know I am an asshole) looking nervously at my own clothes, and trying to work out which would be good enough to rent…Needless to say I found a few. I really wanted more diversity (not to mention that most of my clothes would only fit a size 14 giantess, of which there are unlikely plethora to join the test group), and this was a bright opportunity to form some supplier relationships and potentially get more stock. So…


I sent out a proposal to some designers & makers and students, to see if anyone else wanted to get involved and you know what…


Quite a few did. In fact, there was strong support. I even had a chat with a London designer that couldn’t make this deadline, but is working on getting designs into future stock (that’s a story for a whole other blog, I literally cannot wait.


Some are still getting their designs to me, or working on special things, but I have a few already in. So let me please excitedly present some of the designers we will be featuring on The Eve Collective.


Spindrift Creations: Handmade jewellery inspired by and from the Ocean.


Spindrift Creations:


Based in Somerset, Fiona of Spindrift (website under reconstruction) has been hand crafting jewellery for 14 years using materials from the ocean with semi-precious stones and creative wire work. We have a limited collection of her pieces available to hire, a beautiful compliment to any summer outfit.

Check out her work here:

Mutka: Stunningly recycled fabrics and original prints. Photographer: viola_de_photography_ Models: Ffion Davies Lidia Diaz Cano




A collaborative Devon design duo Abbi and Inuta. These talented fashion designers un-do and re-do clothing; using recycled materials which are hand printed and turned into exciting new clothes. These arresting designs with comfort at the forefront are real show stoppers, so be sure to check them out. As this brand is literally just getting started, you won’t find these pieces anywhere else. Absolute treat.


Watch this space for more news on designers and collaborations coming to The Eve Collective!

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