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So I blog, and I force my husband into a special kind of slavery, by forcing him to take thousands of photos of me in my clobber, ruining otherwise perfectly happy dates/family days out and or any other kind of family activity. This doesn’t mean I really know what I’m doing when it comes to styling. I just have lots of fab clothes, begged, borrowed, second hand, made and some (for my sins) purchased in stores, I figure they speak for themselves. I was surprised when my BFF asked me to write a blog on styling. According to her I know what I’m doing, and as she has excellent taste, a formal education in fine art, a jewellery business and a penchant for curation, I’m going to believe her, and have a go at offering some style advice.


As I’ve mentioned before during my teens, my style, was an embarrassment to my parents (my Mother once made me walk ahead, so we wouldn’t be seen together), and now my Eldest daughter tells me ‘I like your style, but other people won’t, so can you wear your most boring clothes this evening, and you might get close to what you’re supposed to look like,’ for an awards parent evening at her High School. I mean, where the hell are you supposed to locate confidence in your look when you suffer such insulting oratory from your nearest and most teenagery? Maybe in the bottom of the jeans and t-shirt drawer?


Well I find my confidence everywhere, but my current muse is worth sharing! Although she is yet to set up her own instaglam account, and has never shopped in a high street store, I do get a personal message stream of her most amazing wears. Princess Spiderman (her chosen alias), weighing in at 4 years old, just has no competition when it comes to pulling the most awesome outfits together. I thought I would analyse some of her looks, in an attempt to offer some style guidance.


Princess Spiderman does street style. 3 layered jumpers in all kinds of pink, topped off with a sheer blue super hero cape, and the multi-hairband which is her style signature.

Dress over a skirt, over a pair of leggings, who says you cant wear purple and red, or sequins with prints?

The double jacket, a personal favourite. waterproof jacket over fake fur, styled with bright orange reusable shopping bag. HERO!


Bear in mind that Princess Spiderman’s wardrobe consist of hand-me-downs, some awesome charity shop purchases (overseen by herself obviously) and a veritable feast of accessories, some borrowed, some new, teamed with a delightful selection of dressing up duds that were sourced in the same way. This girl has style oozing from her every pore, on a budget of fairy dust and imagination.


I mean what isn’t awesome about this look? We have a beautiful palette of greens, pinks and whites. a 20’s vintage vibe going on, and snow boots, because they are brilliant. Winning look.


She has inspired me to make an effort with layers, because they make anything look cool, and to be much less precious about what ‘matches’ or ‘co-ordinates’ because, the way she wears mis-matched, really shouts of unique and personal style. I’ve still a way to go, but wearing kimonos, over charity shop men’s t shirts with almost anything on the bottom half, has served me well for the entire summer, I confess on my weaker days, I went with denim, and some silver princess shoes.


Kimono/dressing gown was swished at a recent swapping party, worn with knackered old jeans, and a spotty cat mens t-shirt, I purchased in a Cornish charity shop, along with the shades. Worn with my birthday gift bum bag (mum bag as my daughter calls it) and some silver flat form sandals.


I recently offered a friend (stuck in a rut, losing weight and not wanting to purge her bank account for more threads, but struggling to feel pretty in her baggy old duds) a wardrobe overhaul. Basically she’s now the same size as me, so I dragged her into the closet and selected outfits which I knew worked with her own style, and some that I gambled as a quiet push into something a bit different from the norm. Some things were hers to keep and others are on long term loan. As we progressed through the safe options, her smile got bigger, her back straightened, and at times, she was giggling helplessly at herself in the mirror. As her confidence grew, so did her choices. She left with a decent sized wardrobe with which to re-robe herself over the Summer. What a joyful experience it was for us both, nod of approval also from her husband, who as a bit of an efficient accountant, was pleased that no money haemorrhaged from their joint account.


Thinking about how to inspire my readers with style, I really believe that the best accessory you can wear every day is confidence. It makes anything look fabulous, and frankly, all the how-to-wear rule books, shape suiting, budget look selections and hard sell consumer bullshit we are subjected to every day, leaves you exhausted, confused and likely dissatisfied with the body you occupy, which is not conducive to confidence however you end up dressed.


I say fuck it! Just wear what makes you smile; works for Princess Spiderman, she couldn’t care less what people think of her, she answers to no human for her fashion choices, and if her Mum dare have an opinion she takes great delight in wearing even more creative style solutions! So be creative, enjoy the process, don’t get bogged down by the rules, get that double jacket look going on, wear your snow-boots with your princess Elsa cloak, it’s going to be cold soon, you know it makes perfect style sense!


I will have a go at some other style tips over the coming weeks, so come back next week if you are interested in tips and ideas, or for frequent inspo, follow me on insta @evecopper.

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