The Eve Collective, week 1.

We went live.

We freaked out about not having enough stock, and mad dashed more vintage and Eve Copper clothes to stock the virtual shelves.

Still available to rent for free from The Eve Collective.

We embarked on a 24-hour period of confusion during which we reiterated to several savvy potential customers that I was actually sending them free clothes to borrow, and not trying to scam them with some compromising small print.

We did Easter. Global warming guilt counter balanced with some decent Prosecco, 5 consecutive BBQ’s (on account of a broken hob, not just gluttonous sun eating) and my bodyweight of chocolate (totally gluttonous sun eating). Hope you also enjoyed a spot of climate change in action over the bank holiday.

We sent 3 overtired, over indulged kids back to school to remind them how to be well behaved humans.

We received the final aspects of our recyclable & biodegradable packaging, which I accidentally forgot to order earlier (they’ve been in my search window in a cart for 3 weeks).

We cut/drilled/stamped a bunch of reusable leather tags which have been made from a sample book of leathers donated by a woman I bought a locally made handbag from recently (she was closing down).

Dad just purchased me an engraving tool fro a charity shop, doubles as a drill. This came in handy to get rid of me yesterday as I begged him to drill my tags Totally fobbed off with power tools!


We printed ‘service instructions’ (inc. how to wash stuff), address labels all on recycled paper, wrapped in bio-tissue paper and bio tape, placed into bags, attached address labels with a nasty glob of non-branded sticky plastic tape that rhymes with yellotape (it’s an experiment, you can’t think of everything the first time), then created a queue of 15 as I took the village Post Office hostage to exact my parcel sending requirements.


Pretty though, right?


One of my customers was so keen that she got a head start and collected her order in person.


She shopped, she borrowed.

Also Feedback:

  1. Search issues. Clients couldn’t narrow down their search from mobile phones, the feature worked on the full site, but made for a super frustrating shopping experience. Emailed our dear Pig Farmer web wizard, he magic wanded it. So now, the process is perfect!
  2. ‘I really hope this is still going next month, depending on price, I have my eye on some clothes for my holiday!’
  3. ‘I love this dress, I may never take it off!’


This one is loving her dress, the cat seems pretty impressed too.


Now the ‘I’ of The Eve Collective hopes to put feet up for a day or two to contemplate how to present all this for my hand in at the end of May, maybe get that hob fixed, anyway, remind me to tell you all about Amsterdam next week.


The Eve Collective will be taking orders for free borrows until the end of the week. So please do use that amended search feature, and get shopping from your smart phone!


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