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To say that I have been running about in a state of brain melting confused panic since last we spoke would be an understatement. While you are all going about your regular business, I have been trying to change the world, one insurmountable task at a time.


It’s gone like this:


All fired up with good intention and the belief in the awesome responses I got from my ‘Being Good’ blog, I start plotting a trial for my long term plan to take over the world (for its own good), as a force for sustainable, ethical and ecological good. Grand, I know!


A little biddy experiment. No pressure, no stress, just a distant deadline, but you know (that aside) something simple, and effective. Elegant and organic and lots of other words that make a project sound like an easy reach, and not like a budget Moon landing.


I’m going to trial run a leasing platform, see how it goes. I just need some stock, some users and a delivery system. It’ll be fine, literally, just 3 things.


I meet with the careers dude at Uni, he’s super helpful and sets me off with a TODO. Not as I hopefully suspected Dorothy’s cute Oz trek companion, no, this is a list, like for shopping, but in order to complete anything, you have to do a million other little things. So excited am I at the prospect of world domination, that I decide I shall create a website, cause, you know, one day I’m hoping this will be Amazonian in international www proportions, EASYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!


I get a name: The Eve Collective. Not as simple as it sounds, I tried at least 93 names (at this point I stopped counting, as I’m not great at number with more than 3 digits). WWW had either already had occupants/it cost more than I could sell a kidney for/was owned by some guy in North Carolina that wants me to send photographs of naked gerbils in exchange for monthly rental of.


I prat about with a number of website builders, trying to make something look like something professional-ish, it goes well ‘til I look at the package offers, and I have no idea what the hell kind of data I will need, or how I can put the ecommerce bit in place. I send a sheepish email to the long suffering creator & host of the Eve Copper site (The Pig Farmer), asking for advice.


I’m pretty sure whenever this guy sees my name in his inbox he feels a strong urge to set fire to his computer, so utterly hopeless am I at all things online. Snaps to his patience, as he sends me some options, tells me to stop pressing big red buttons like an overexcited American President, and he finds me a place to start. Two weeks of near constant emails, some stellar Netflix recommendations and a coffee or two later, I have a website. Thank you Pig Farmer (if you’re in the market for some web based front, I suggest you look him up)!


Looking pretty awesome, right? Seriously The Pig Farmer. Outright legend!


In the meantime, sent out surveys, asked for email addresses for interested parties and BOOM! I have a test group of users.


Also in the meantime I approached a bunch of businesses/students/local makers and the deepest depths of my own wardrobe & back catalogue of design to find stock. A work in progress, but I’ll keep you posted.


In order to photograph all stock for the site, I have dismantled my kitchen, turned it into a makeshift studio to photograph each piece on a mannequin, then processed images to remove the studio and the mannequins, so they look sleek, and not like poorly considered ebay sales images. Of course before school pick up I have to re-configure the studio back into the kitchen, and my poor husband finds making his lunch pretty tricky, as he has to climb over my camera and a dining table to reach the fridge.


Some of the beautiful pieces on offer through the Eve Collective. Go on, sign up, you know you want to be a test subject!

So it’s been super NOT chill! It is coming together though, which is a little bit exciting.


Don’t all rush off to look at the site yet, it is still under construction, so let me show you properly when we officially launch next week! If you are excited by the idea, then please do complete my survey, if you haven’t already.

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