The Inheritage Collection

So this was a project I produced earlier this year:


Inheritage – the inherited heritage which promotes the entitlement of one or few to power over many.


Nothing like flipping the finger to indicate your displeasure at the status quote. Serious protest here.


I’m not a big fan of the monarchy. I don’t so much dislike the little old lady that waves graciously from her carriage and wears pearls on every bank note and stamp, she’s quite cute really, like everyone’s favourite Granny, but I do have an issue with promoting entitlement to power purely because of a privileged birth. It’s not her fault that she was birthed from a magical vagina, or that she had to take on the leadership of our great nation.


I think power and respect should be earned, and despite the Queen’s benign reign, the power of our monarch is still significant, in terms of the law (vs the crown), parliament (house of lords) and our armed forces.


Pout on, jacket on backwards


This is the point of conception for this collection. I wanted to express my distaste for this structural given in the UK, taking inspiration from the icons which protect and promote its significance through ceremony. My start point was the uniform of the Queen’s guard, you know the guys in the fluffy hats and knee high boots that stand still outside every royal property.


To this end, my mate Dave, gave me a few hours of his time (he’s a uniform nerd), and I took the information he gave me to design the jacket and the skirt. I created the shirt as a symbol of the legal system and our parliament. Its sheerness was a nod to my seeing through all the shenanigans and finding a little old lady at the centre of it all, nothing real, just ideology.


The project was entitled Protest, so I had to look like I was grumpy about it, I think the hand on hip angry face look did the job.


So this is the collection. Modelled by me, as I couldn’t find another model in time for my deadline. On the up side I think my posing has reached new levels of madness. The wool jacket is reversible, fastening at the front and the back, the shirt can be worn as a dress or shirt, has a cheeky open back and is made from net manufactured in the Devon town I live in. The skirt is made from pleather, which depending on your opinion is cruelty free or unsustainable.


I think the final result is pretty sophisticated. Of course, I would love to hear your thoughts.


As an aside I can only apologise for the appearance of my boobs. We did try to photograph the collection with a bra, but believe it or not, it looked sluttier with underwear in view.



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  • John Reese on March 20, 2018

    What a goof!
    Yeah, I get the “sheer hypocrisy spin” with the shirt, it is a bold statement to be made in a time where unearned privilege is so common. We’ve been living with income from rentals forever, cemented in place through the centuries. While I’m not able to give an opinion on monarchy, I do have opinions on any unearned privilege when it disadvantages more than it helps. Those who take those advantages for their right get little sympathy on my part. We’ve got a Head of State with this mental complex, without the seeming maturity to handle the weight of responsibility that your monarch seems to possess.

  • Eve Copper on March 20, 2018

    I agree John. A friend that supports the monarchy does so for this very reason. It has produced a political stability maybe because being born to serve your people does instil a certain gravity and responsibility to those that take the mantle, as such, they take this position very seriously, and as kept representatives, they have to earn their position and title in every undertaking. So it’s not all bad.

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