Warrior Launch

Ok, so the canapes, fizz and cocktail dresses was probably an overshoot in terms of the launch of the Warrior dress, so, we’ll just go with some new photos and a short blog.


Super comfy, super eye-catching, super fun, the warrior dress will not let you down.


This stunning oversized jersey, off or on-shoulder slogan sweater dress can be yours for a mere £80 with an additional charge of £4 for p&p. This is an introductory price, and it will get more expensive in the future. You can rest assured that your purchase is an investment, not in the vacuum of ethics that is our corporate fashion industry, but in our real economy, it’s likely any money made from this exercise will go towards a camping trip with my kids, or towards funding my ever more expensive fashion degree.


I can create a custom sweater for you, including your choice of word, and this can be both front and back, as this means cutting new patterns and finding new fabrics, each custom sweater will be priced on application, I would love to talk to you about any ideas you may have.


All I ask is that you are patient, I hand craft each jumper (minimizing waste), which as previously stated, is not a job for magic elves, and does take time, so depending on my work load when you make your order, your order could take some time to process.


Email eve@evecopper.co.uk if you are interested and I will send you an order form, and we can go from there.


See, it even makes your elbows look super skinny. What more could you want from fashion?


Following my pre-order blog last week, I have been overwhelmed by the positive response, to my work, which is super exciting, but if anyone wonders where I will be for the next month or so, I’m likely to be sewing like the wind, and sharpening my already blunted scissors.


Happy shopping, and I look forward to seeing all you beautiful people Warrior-ing the hell out of this dress.


Ok, so this is a massive nod to the Crazy Horse monument. Warriors come in all shapes and sizes, every one of us, fights our own war.


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