Being ecologically minded as a fashion designer necessitates a certain flexibility of spirit and a willingness to embrace the constantly evolving parameters of sustainability in fashion. This means always looking to maximise the potential of new materials, and existing resources to find best use value.

We consider pattern cutting techniques that minimise waste fabrics. We make garments using new natural and organic fabrics or vintage and deadstock materials, giving industrial waste fabrics new life. We create clothes that are designed to be worn in more than one way, giving garments a longer lifespan as they fill wardrobes with greater flexibility than the single use clothes we’re used to from the fashion industry.

In the interest of transparency our labels and threads are produced from GOTS certified cotton, where possible they are sourced from UK companies, but our current stock of Labels comes from the U.S. We are working on an alternative solution.

The Scarfigan story really is the best way to illustrate just how Eve Copper rolls…..

Once upon a 2020, Eve finds a mechanical knitting machine in a garden during lockdown- she marvels at the possibilities of making with a machine that runs on arm power rather than carbon-soaked plug in amps. Completing her kit with second-hand rib attachment and various accessories and creates a knitwear line that makes use of a machine otherwise destined for landfill.

All knits are inherently zero waste, as the garment is created from a thread. This means there is only a centimetre or two of off-cut wool, rather than large pieces of fabric.  Wool is a British farming industrial waste product that is mostly tilled back into the soil of farmland, as it lacks commercial value when processed. Wool has been the staple fabric in the UK for thousands of years. I proudly utilise this underappreciated nationally produced material, lowering the impact of processing and transportation with the bonus of being completely biodegradable.

To fasten the garment, as standard we have vintage buttons sourced from the most fabulous places; unwanted button stashes, the bottom of charity shop bins and my Mother’s legendary button bag. Each vintage button starts a new life with our Scarfigan’s and adds to the unique story of each garment. If you like your buttons new and matching, we use brilliant buttons in biodegradable natural Corozo from FM buttons.

All garments are hand finished to the highest production standards.

I continue to review and analyse each aspect of garment production to make sure our processes flex to provide the most sustainable clothes we can make.