Our Story

As a 40 something sequin spattered, glamour addicted, intermittent fashion designer and stylist, I found myself time between careers as a professional photographer and ‘Director of  Offspring management’ and signed up for a Fashion degree.


A rollercoaster of a creative degree ensued; a project on sustainability (which lit a fire in my moral natural fibres), change of university, sprinkling of Covid madness, a rescued knitting machine, masses of drawing, cutting, deadline sewing and….my final collection of multiway sustainable garments lit up the runway of London Graduate Fashion Week.


I care deeply about the environment, and have a penchant for problem solving whilst suffering from chronic over-dressing. Naturally, I used my degree to focus on experimenting on multiple platforms to establish good practice from a philosophical, economical and design perspective in the area of sustainability. Instead of falling into the viscous circle of fast fashion consumption to feed my over-dressing monkey, I work to find all the sustainable solutions by making beautiful clothes!


Fashion needs a complete overhaul to have a place in the future of a healthy planet, and it’s time to hustle!  Eve Copper is about using considered resources, elegant construction techniques and a focus on long life conceptual garments with multiway capabilities; bringing our customers guilt free fashion.


Please follow me on socials; accounts are filled with style inspiration, new products, and studio stories served with a jaunty smile. As a designer, maker and user, there is so much to come from my over-active imagination, please join me on this adventure as I expand the E.Co range.

Eve x